Darlene Scalera

Darlene Scalera made her publishing debut in February 1999 with A MAN FOR MEGAN, a contemporary romantic fantasy from Harlequin American Romance.

Since her first sale, Darlene has contracted two more books for Harlequin American. The first, set in the waning opulence of Newport, Rhode Island, is the story of a shop clerk offered one million dollars to marry one brother and betray another. Her most-recently contracted work is the story of one of the world's most successful and young corporate CEOs awakening from a head injury believing he's the cowboy of his childhood fantasies. Both books will be available in the year 2000.

BORN OF THE BLUEGRASS, October 2001, ISBN 0-373-16896-9


He was power, steel and grace, with bloodlines as blue as the Thoroughbreds he raised. And Reid Hamilton was something else, too-a father. But Reid didn't know that the mystery woman he'd loved so passionately one night had borne his son. He knew only that she'd vanished-and he'd never forgotten her.

Coming to work for the Hamilton stable, Danielle Tate knew she trod dangerous ground. But nothing could erase her memories of the night she'd dared disguise herself to enter Reid's world. She had a precious, living reminder-and a nearly hopeless love. Unless there was a place two worlds could meet-a place in the heart...

PRESCRIPTION FOR SEDUCTION, Harlequin American Romance
(third installment of 'Return to Tyler' series)
February 2001, ISBN 0-373-16861-6


Studly Brady Spencer and shy Eden Frazier-a preposterous pair, you say? How else do you explain the good doctor making late-night house calls at Eden's flower shop? The self-proclaimed last maiden in America denies a dalliance, saying, " I'm still wilting away like yesterday's roses," but this reporter suspects that Doc Brady's got the cure for what ails her! There only one problem: Like a hothouse flower, Eden's saved herself-for one man, forever-but Brady's vowed to remain Tyler's last standing bachelor...

You're invited to 'Return to Tyler'
Where scandals and secrets are unleashed in a small town
and love is found around every corner...

THE COWBOY AND THE COUNTESS, Harlequin American Romance March 2000, ISBN 0-373-16819-5


As a boy, Kent Coleman Landover played "K.C. Cowboy and the Countess Anna" with the housekeeper's daughter Anna Delaney. As a man, Kent drove himself to the head of his own financial empire. On the brink of world-wide expansion and an in-name-only marriage, amnesia made Kent believe he truly was K.C. - and he began desperately searching for his countess...

Anna had never forgotten the young man who'd captured her heart so completely. But she hardly expected to see the billion-dollar bachelor on her doorstep - proposing! On doctor's orders, Anna agreed to play the part of K.C.'s bride, knowing she had to make him remember he was practically pledged to another - and wishing she could become Kent's real-life countess even after her fantasy's clock struck twelve.

Read an excerpt here.

MAN IN A MILLION "2000 Launch" Harlequin American Romance January 2000, ISBN 0-373-16807-1


Colin Tremont had a pressing need for a wife and child. Aimee Rose had been offered one million dollars to be the blushing bride. And while they each had their agendas - falling in love wasn't on the list.

Aimee couldn't figure out if the marriage proposal was the ultimate offer...or insult. Colin exuded masculinity with compelling confidence. His gaze alone could spark a wildfire within her. When he took her in his arms he branded her with searing passion. And he spoke words of love to her as if he meant them. But could she ever believe his commitment when marriage for him was a must?

Read an excerpt here.

A MAN FOR MEGAN "The Ultimate ... Series" Harlequin American Romance, February '99, ISBN 0-373-16762-8

A MAN FOR MEGAN "The Ultimate ... Series" Harlequin American Romance February '99 ISBN 0-373-16762-8

"THERE WAS NOTHING HE WOULDN'T GIVE HER...For Megan Kelly, the small town of Shady Hook offered the comfort of kind neighbors, and the safety of long-time friends -- it was enough.  Then there was Gino, who with the commanding air of an Arabian aristrocrat, the playfulness of a regular guy, and the intensity of a serious man, made Megan realize that smoldering kisses should be a major food group.  He showered her with attention, lavished her with passion, hot and wild, and spoiled her body for any other touch but his.  Gino denied her nothing, but demanded from her everything.  Only, could Megan give him her heart?



"Up-and-coming author, Darlene Scalera, creates a delightful marriage of convenience tale with an added twist. This is a story of a power struggle between the elite and the underdog, and readers will laugh out loud at Aimee's antics as she throws a few shots at the mighty Tremonts. MAN IN A MILLION is a refreshing, fast-paced romance that will brighten up any afternoon." --Yvonne Hering for Bookbug on the Web

"Darlene Scalera provides enjoyment..."  --THE ROMANTIC TIMES

"Darlene Scalera weaves emotions skillfully, alternating between humor and poignancy with a deft hand. A MAN FOR MEGAN is a page-turning, "keeper" book which will appeal equally to paranormal fans and readers of more traditional romance." --Romance Reviews/Compuserve

"Although the book is written with a light-hearted subject matter, it is anything but a frivolous read. The emphasis of the book is not on the "Jinni" but on the relationships and goodness of people. Darlene is expert at mixing emotions that lead the reader to expect the unexpected. I found myself laughing at one minute and welling up with tears the next. As for my recommendation...read this book and enjoy the ride!" -- Katherine Scacchetti/Ballston Book House, reviewer/THE SARATOGIAN

"Darlene Scalera has breathed new life into the Aladdin legend and given it an original, delightful twist. A Man for Megan has moments of lyrical writing. Some passages are so lovely that I read them twice just to savor the beauty." -- The Romance Reader gives A MAN FOR MEGAN four stars!  Read the full review here.

Author's Bio

Darlene, a charter member of the Saratoga Romance Writers of America, has served as chapter Secretary for two years, and as Vice-President for the past three years. 

After graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in public communications, Darlene spent her twenties living everywhere from Denver to London and doing everything from factory work to public relations for a top state politician. In other words, she was training to be a writer. Eventually she returned to her birthplace in upstate New York. However, it wasn't until a week later when she met her husband-to-be that she knew she was home. 

Having learned love is life's most precious gift, she combines this principal with her firm belief "a miracle is only a moment away" to guide the lives of her characters. Besides her marriage, Darlene's Top Ten Miraculous Moments include the births of her son and her daughter. She is now proud to add to that list the publication of her first novel. 

Darlene welcomes reader feedback, either at her email address, or PO Box 217, Niverville, NY 12130. For an autographed bookplate, please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.