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Dark Heart Island
18,000 / 100,000
Mundania Press
ISBN #1-59426-364-7
Bad things don't happen in Mourningkill, a sleepy little village at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. That all changes when two young girls become lost in the woods, setting off a series of events that shatter the peaceful illusion. For beneath the quiet calm of Mourningkill lies a dark secret, and an age-old prophecy about to be revealed.

The "Mad Monk of Mourningkill" was a Rasputin-like character who centuries ago passed down a legacy of death and vengeance on future generations of the small town. Unbeknownst to the local citizens of Mourningkill, a secret society of "Keepers" thrives in a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the ruins of Weeping Stone. From there they send out changelings into the community—firstborns with the power to seek out their enemy through sexual domination until the final prophecy comes to pass..."when one changeling shall rise above the rest and emerge the victor in battle of brother against brother."

When Detective Alex Scott discovers a strange connection with one of the missing young girls, his life becomes intimately entwined with the girl’s mother, Kim Cross. Together they search for answers to an unusual birthmark shared by both Alex and Kim’s daughter, unaware that their search will lead them into the clutches of a serial killer intent on destroying them both. Only then does Alex discover the truth about his birth, and his role in fulfilling the mysterious prophecy.

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Cerridwen Press
ISBN #1-4199-0432-9

When Blaize Donovan runs away from her cheating fiancé into the path of an on-coming truck, a head injury leaves her hearing voices and seeing visions in episodes of what she calls "The Rage." When Blaize receives a mysterious invitation to The Play, it sets off a series of events that proves her life is following an apocalyptic script written by the reclusive horror writer, Algernon Pierce.

Blaize is not the only person to receive an invitation to The Play. Spyder Rains, a burned out rock musician trying to get his life together, has been having recurrent dreams more erotic than anything he's ever experienced. He's surprised when the object of his fantasies comes to life in the form of Blaize Donovan.

Together Blaize and Spyder must overcome the unseen powers controlling their lives. Little do they know that the fate of the world is at stake--a fate already written by Algernon Pierce.

Winner of the 2006 Dream Realm Award (Horror)

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Illusion of Memory
Mundania Press
ISBN #1-59426-079-6

Your entire life begins each morning and ends each night.

Have a good day—it's all you've got...

Kevin Munk lives his life in twenty-four hour increments. A childhood accident left him with the inability to store new memories. Each day is a clean slate, an opportunity to discover the man he really is. Unfortunately, that man is a serial killer with the perfect alibi.

Dr. Laura Raven knows some of Kevin's secrets, but not all of them. Kevin is not just her patient. He's also the perfect lover, requiring no promises, no commitments, and no morning-after regrets. If she discovers the truth about Kevin, will she bring a killer to justice or try to redeem a man who can't remember his own sins? And if she makes the wrong choice, will Laura pay for that mistake with her life?

Winner of the 2005 EPPIE for Best Horror Novel
Winner of the 2005 Dream Realm Award (Horror)

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Copyright 2006 by L.B. Milano
Reprinting without written permission is prohibited
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