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Dark Heart Island
18,000 / 100,000
Glory Girls
Cerridwen Press

ISBN #9781419914065

NEW! A heartwarming women's fiction novel set in the Catskills of New York

The pint-sized Glory Girls once thrilled audiences with their perfect three-part harmony. When tragedy took it all away, little Bethany Glory promised to take care of her sisters forever. Thirty years later, it's a promise she's finding hard to keep.

When Beth's grandmother makes a deathbed request to restore the family's aging Catskill resort to its former glory, Beth seizes on the opportunity to mend the scars of the past and recapture their family harmony.

Over the course of one Catskill summer, Beth discovers a strength she never knew she had, and even more important, she learns that sometimes you have to tear down what you have in order to build something more solid.

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Tales Told by Moonlight

Cerridwen Press

ISBN #9781419909801

Gypsies, werewolves and vampires find love in three paranormal tales

In the Midst of Wolves:
With no memory of his past and little hope for his future, Nick Hunter is cursed to live as a werewolf unless he can track down and kill the one who bit him. His quest for salvation leads him to the one woman who holds the power to soothe his savage beast.

Little Garden of the Moon:
Desperate to save her child's life, Della Rouge uses an ancient rite to call upon the powers of the moon goddess. But the debt may be too high to pay when the very force that once answered her prayers now threatens to take her daughter away forever.
Half vampire, half mortal, Roger Wannamaker can only dream of the days when his ancestors ruled the night. Online he transforms into Brakos, king of the vampires, where he meets the woman who could be his queen…if his fears don't doom their love to an online fantasy world only. was previously published elsewhere

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Double or Nothing
Mundania Press

ISBN #978-1-59426-368-2

Two romantic comedies for the price of one!


The Chance You Take:

Meg Taylor doesn’t gamble or take risks of any kind. So how did she end up in Atlantic City with a three-year old, a meddling mother, and a blind date who won’t go away? Despite his charm, Brad Kendall represents everything Meg fears most. Falling in love with him is a risk she can't take. In a riotous romp along the Boardwalk of Atlantic City, Meg learns that taking a chance on love is the biggest gamble of all.

The King's Gold:

Rumplelstiltskin...? Rich Needlemeister is the heir to the King's Ransom Casino empire. Before he can claim his kingdom, however, he must prove his worth - without using his name or fortune to pave the way.

Savior or Thief...? Penny Miller has made a living turning copper to gold. Is she in Reno to protect the casino's fortune or hold it ransom? When the time comes to guess her captor's name, she discovers there's more at stake than winning all the king's gold.

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